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Java video tutorials

Introduction – Java video tutorials

In this post we will focus video-tutorials. The problem with video tutorials are that they differ a lot in quality. Many of them lack in good explanations and are only put together only so that beginners can write their first code. If you want to learn java you need more than that. You should use well produced videos with relevant content.

Books are generally a better resource if you want to get deep understanding of a language. They have a lot more content. If you want to find books for Java check out best Java books.

Nevertheless video tutorials can be a great resource and in this post you will find some really good ones.

Java tutorials – basic

When you are new to something it can be hard to be patient. A lot of people want to move forward quickly. When you are learning a new language you need to spend time on the basics. It is kind of like learning math. The better you understand the basics the easier it will be to learn the more advanced topics.

If you look at video tutorials for example this is an issue. There are many people doing video tutorials and adding them to youtube. While this i great a lot of does videos lack in the parameters described above. It is hard to make good instructive videos. Most of the videos online teaches you how to write code and not how to develop. Separating good from bad is difficult if you are new.

Let me help you with that.

My favorite site for finding high quality video tutorials is They have an amazing amount of content available. Some of the videos are free while others aren't. Generally speaking the quality on the paid videos might be slightly better. However the some of the free ones are excellent as well.

The first one I recommend is aimed for those of you who are absolute beginners. It contains 16 hours of carefully planned content brought to you by a very good instructor named John Purcell. It is free for everyone and well worth your time. You can find it here:

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

More free tutorials can be found on YouTube. There are some great channels that provide high quality videos. The best one I have seen is:

  1. Java Video Tutorial
  2. Java Brains
  3. Cave of Programming

The second udemy video that I really like is also great for beginners. Compared to the ones above it focuses more on developing. You should read through the table of content and watch the introductions before you decide. Either choice will be a good one so I leave it up to you. You can find it here:

The Complete Java Developer Course

If you have a specific reason why you want to learn Java you might want to look for something related to that. Even if the content of such a tutorial might be harder it can really help you with your focus. Say for example that you want to develop Android applications. The best java tutorial for you is one that teaches you android development. I will give you great examples of such tutorials in the intermediate part. There are some however that is suitable for beginners. Two great examples are:

A Practical Intro to Java Using Games

Basic Concepts of Web Development, HTTP and Java Servlets

The last video I will recommend here is one that teaches you more about algorithms. You will be provided with knowledge that help you write efficient code. You can find it here:

Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

That is it. In the intermediate part the focus will be on tutorials for more specific purposes. Check it out below.

Java tutorials – intermediate

Provided you have a grasp of the basics it is time to start building something. Learning programming is best done by hands on practice. So I would recommend you to find something that you would like to build. It can be Android applications or something else. You don't have to decide exactly what you are going to build but it helps to know on what platform you want to do it.

It is very popular to build mobile applications so I will start there. If you want to build mobile applications with java you will make android applications. I strongly recommend learning the Java language first. That way you can focus on the actual development. There are two absolutely amazing video-tutorials for you to check out. You can find them here:

Master Android Marshmallow App Development Using Java

The Complete Android Developer Course - Build 21 Apps

Maybe you want to build great web applications. That is what I do currently. If you are hired as a Java developer chances are that so will you. It wouldn't be right to write this post without giving you the best java tutorial for web development. So here are three great tutorials. One is about the spring framework which is my number one favorite java framework. It is great for web development:

Servlets and JSPs Tutorial: Learn Web Applications With Java

Java Web Services

The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java's Popular Web Framework

You should start to build something by now. It is the best way for you to learn. Use one of the tutorials above but make sure that you are programming alongside it. If you have problems with you code turn to google. There is no answer you can't find by googling it. 

Java tutorials – advanced

Advanced is for me all about writing the most efficient code possible. It is about mastery and becoming a great developer. You will have a hard time finding good advanced tutorials online. There are a couple of reasons for that.

  1. There are fewer persons that can make such tutorials.
  2. It is not as profitable since fewer people will use them.
  3. Usually it is better suited for books.

The best resource I have found so far that counts as advanced is a book. The book is called Effective Java. It is all about optimizing your code. When you feel comfortable with writing software you have to read that one. You can find it on best java books.

I will add more advanced tutorials when I find some great ones!

Best java tutorial – conclusion

For a good learning process it is important to find a tutorial that suits you. It should be on a good level compared to where you are. Remember to learn the basics down to details. It is one of the best ways to learn Java quickly. The reason is that the more complex topics builds on basics.

There are tons of tutorials out there. The ones above are only the ones I have tried and liked. I am certain that I have missed some great ones. If you want to add anything please write it in a comment.

If you found this information helpful someone else will as well. So don't forget to share.

Take care!

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