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How you can learn Python online

Introduction – learn Python online

In this post we will provide you with a guide that you can use when you want to learn Python online. All the resources you need are easily accessible and of high quality. Because of the massive amount of options the hardest part is usually deciding where to start.

If you are new to programming you can follow the steps below to get started quickly. For more details about specific resources however you can check out other posts. More on that later.

For more experienced programmers the takeaway from this post are the different sites where we can find good resources. Most of them have tutorials suited for you as well.

When you are learning a programming language online  you have to be aware that many of the resources you will find are of poor quality. Some of them have just been put together in short time and don’t provide you with the details you need to become a good developer.

What we are searching for?

A good online tutorial should:

  • Provide you with good and thorough explanations of the different topics.
  • Give you a solid understanding of the basics that you can build upon.
  • Have good examples that you can try yourself.

Let’s begin?

To get the best possible start there are two approaches that I would recommend.

The first one is to use a website where you are given different examples that you can code yourself right in the browser. This is the fastest way for you to start writing code. Be aware that this is not valid resources in the long run. They will not make you a good developer. Some good examples are:

If you just want a quick start I would personally go with After a couple of days you should find some good video tutorials.

Video tutorials is if you ask me the best resource for learning programming online. There are so many of them you loose count. Some of them are really bad and should be avoided. Others seem good to beginners but offer little of the depth you need.

If I want to find a video tutorial on anything I always start at They have a massive library of highly educational videos. Below you can see how it looks.


As you can see there are 107 videos about Python and 7 of them are free. The great thing about Udemy is that even the free video tutorials are of high quality. So if you want to try it out sign up and start by watching one of the free options you have.

Another great site for watching tutorials is I wouldn’t say that Python is their best language but if you are interested in web design this is your best choice.

The next step

If you pick one of the highest rated tutorials on and watch it all the way trough you will be ready to start coding yourself. From I here I would strongly recommend you to get a well written book.

The reason is that when it comes to quality content books are superior to other types of resources. They have more content and all the examples and different concepts are explained in more depth.

If you want to find good python books go to best python books.


Learning Python is one of the best things you can do. I promise that by following the steps above you will be able to learn enough Python to start building in just a couple of months.

Good Luck!

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