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Learn java online

How you can learn Java online

Introduction – learn Java online

In this post we will look at some good online resources for those of you who wants to learn Java. When you learn Java online you should be aware that many of the resources you will find are of poor quality. Some of them have just been put together in short time and lack the depth that is needed.

These resources can teach you how to code but they will not help you become a good developer. In this post we will look at what to avoid as well as present some good options that you can use.

What types of tutorials are there?

When you search for online java tutorials you will get a couple of different types of results. You will find video tutorials on different sites such as Youtube or Udemy. You will also find websites designed to teach out programming. You might even find online courses that you can join.

You can decide which type that fits you the best and go with that. In all of them there are good and bad resources.

Java video tutorials

Lets start by looking at video tutorials. Above I mentioned two great resources. The first on is Udemy. This is my number one choice when it comes to video tutorials. They have a massive library of highly educational videos. Below you can see how it looks.

Java video tutorials

When I search for Java this is the result I get. As you can see Udemy currently offer 243 java video tutorials and 31 of them are free. If you look at the ratings you can se the average rating a video have and how many users who have rated it. This is the best indicator if the videos are good. You can also see how many hours of content it contains.

To the left you can se the filters you can apply. You can narrow your search by specifying a language or skill-level.

You should always read the description of the course before you take it so you know what you are signing up for. This is especially true if you pay for the course.

The second one is Youtube. I think everyone is aware of what youtube is. If you are looking for a video on anything this is where you go. The difference between youtube and udemy is that the quality of the videos at udemy tend to be higher. Some of the free ones can be found at both places.

When I search for Java tutorial on Youtube this is what I get:

java video tutorials youtube

As you can see you get a lot of results. It is a bit tricky to find your way to the best tutorials on youtube. Many of them are very sloppy and don’t go into details on the different concepts. That is why for educational purpose I would stay away from youtube at first.

If you want more help with finding good videos you can check out java video tutorials where I recommend specific videos.

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