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how to become a video game designer

How to become a video game designer

Video games is and always will be a big market. In this post we will look at how to become a video game designer. The following topics will be covered:

  • Why you want to be a video game designer
  • How to make and design games
  • Where you can learn how to design a game

Why you want to be a video game designer

On this blog we cover many topics on how and where you can learn different programming languages. When building any kind of product there is one thing many developers miss. Design is what will make or break your product.

You can have the most valuable functionality on the market, but if your users don’t like the design or user experience, you won’t sell.

When it comes to games I am sure you have personal experience in how important design is. How many games have you played where you love the idea but the game itself feels awkward to use.

To be a video game designer you have to understand the impact your designs have on your users. With good design you can actually make people interact interact with your product the way you want. On a website for example you can decide where you want visitors to look and click.

How to make and design games

The process of making a game depends on the size of the project. To create a game such as World of Warcraft you need a team of hundreds designers and developers. If you want to create smaller games you can in some cases do it yourself. It is good to know programming, but today there are platforms that you can use without any programming knowledge.

The problem if you use platforms like this is that you are restricted to what they offer. If you have some programming skills you can at least change some of the functionality to your liking.

An other reason why you want to know programming as a game designer is that if you team up with a a programmer you want to be able to tell if he or she is doing a good job.

Where you can learn how to design a game

There are many great resources for aspiring game designers. You can read books, watch video tutorials or just learn by doing. Most important is that you find a way that suits you.

You can also find schools that have courses in game programming. One amazing opportunity you have now in the days of the internet is online schools. That way you have the structure needed to learn without having to create it yourself. You will also have access to teachers and other student.

There is an online school dedicated only for game designers called School of Interactive Design. The targeted audience is anyone with an interest in designing games. You could be a programmer who want build your own games or a designer who want to work at a gaming company. They have training for all ages and skill levels.

Here’s what one student thinks:

“I have been a student of your site for 2 weeks now and I am amazed at how much I’ve learned. I’ve already created several iPhone games I am showing off to my friends and family. You guys have been awesome!”

If you are serious about you game designing I recommend you to visit School of Interactive Design. If you are on your mobile you can also find them by scanning the bar code below.

oscarj9207-gamedesign-qrcode-SMALL (1)


As a programmer I understand that i won’t be able to create a successful product without the help of a designer. The best way to spread your game if you don’t have tons of money for marketing is trough word of mouth. For that to happen your users must love your game. They wont if your design isn’t great.

Good Luck!

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