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How I learned Linux in one month


If you want to be a software developer you have to know Linux. Most of the servers you come across will be using Linux as its operating system. Previously I worked in a small team of developers. None of us knew much about Linux but all of our servers used it. The infrastructure had been set up by consultants.

I saw an opportunity to learn as much as I could about Linux and take over the administration of the servers. In one month I studied very hard and achieved my goal. In this post I will share the steps I took to learn enough about Linux to that I could take over the responsibility of our servers.

Step one – general video tutorials

I love to read books. So when I want to learn something new I usually buy a well recommended book. For some areas however I need a good teacher that can explain complex topics in an easy way. That teacher will help me get started and make sure that I am thinking about what I want to learn the right way.

To find that teacher I started looking for good video tutorials that cover the basics. If you understand the basics well enough it will be very easy to dive in deeper. I found two very good tutorials on Udemy, my number one education website.

Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career


Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career


Both video-series have around five hour of video-content. You should be able to watch both of them in a week. Jason Cannon who is the teacher in the two courses does a great job at explaining and makes all sections easy to understand. If you think the price is high you can find great coupons online.

Step two – Diving deeper with a good book

Books contains more information than video-tutorials and if you like to read you should do so. If you watched the two video-tutorials above you should know have a good understanding of Linux that makes it easy for you to deepen your knowledge.

Having that understanding will allow you to read the book faster since you have a base of knowledge that you can build upon. I have read several books about the Linux operating system since decided to learn. The best book in my opinion is Linux Bible. It will be enough to make you a true software developer and system administrator.

You will be able to read this book in three weeks if you have watched the video-tutorials. Remember to take notes. You will remember more if you do.

Last words

I truly hope that you found this information helpful. If you did let me know! (and don’t forget to share)

Good Luck! 🙂


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