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Best hacking books cover

Best hacking books

IntroductionThe word hacking can sound a bit frighting and trigger some negative responses from people around you. A common misunderstanding is that all hackers are criminals. They use their skills to break in to your computer and steal valuable information. Of course there are people that use their skills for criminal actions but far from all of them. […]

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Best web development books

Introduction – web development booksWeb development is incredible useful to know. It is estimated that 3 billion people will come online the coming 10 years. With that the increase in online products will continue. Web development is therefore a skill that will be sought after. If you learn it you will be able to apply for a lot […]

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Best web design books

Introduction – best web design booksWeb design is a nice skill to have. You can work as a a freelancer or just create beautiful looking websites. Compared to web development web design focuses more on the user experience. You have probably heard the words front-end and back-end. Web design is all about front-end. That is […]

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