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Best web development books

Introduction – web development books

Web development is incredible useful to know. It is estimated that 3 billion people will come online the coming 10 years. With that the increase in online products will continue. Web development is therefore a skill that will be sought after. If you learn it you will be able to apply for a lot of interesting job opportunities. Even better you will be able to develop your own products.

There are a ton of resources available for learning web development. Navigating through them and finding something that suits you can be difficult. The goal with this post is to bring some clarity into what web development books are worth reading depending on your preferences.

When I talk about web development I mean back-end development as well as front-end development. So here web development equals building great web-based software. If you are more interested in the designing process and want to find books that teaches you how build good looking web-sites you can find it here: 

Best web design books.

Understanding the web

If you want to be a great developer it is important that understand how the web works. You have to develop products with good architecture and security. The result should be easy to improve upon and easy to integrate with other services. I want to emphasize the importance of security. As a developer it is your responsibility that your users information are safe.

 Two good web development books that will increase understanding is:

Fundamentals of Web Development, by Randy Connolly

Web Application Architecture, by Leon Shklar

The best way to develop secure applications is to take the attackers perspective. If you know what the common vulnerabilities are you can avoid them. You won't be able to protect against everything. By having the knowledge you will avoid the mistakes that leads to serious security issues.

Two books that will make you web development more secure are: 

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook by Dafydd Stuttard

The Browser Hacker's Handbook by Wade Alcorn

Web application architecture book
Browser security book
Web application architecture book
Web application security book

Best web development book for hands on practice

Like in all programming practice makes perfect. You should write as much code as you can. This will develop your skills rapidly. It is good to have a resource that you can use while you are coding. You learn the best when you combine theory with practice.

A good book-concept is when you develop an application with the book. This is hands on practice and it is an amazing way to learn coding. Good web developing books that does this are:

Learning Web App Development, by Semmy Purewal

python web development books

Other great web development books

You can develop web applications in many different ways. At the moment I am writing an application for a consulting company in Java. For all languages there are frameworks designed for web development.

Nevertheless I strongly recommend you to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The best book to help you with that according to me is:

The Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

If you are new to programming and haven't picked up a language yet I would encourage you to read one of the books from above. Otherwise your might want a book related to your language. Here are some examples:

Professional Java for Web Applications

Python Web Development with Django

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails

PHP and MySQL Web Development

In some cases you might want to deepen your knowledge in a specific area. It could be something like handling databases:

SQL in 10 Minutes

ruby web development books
Java book for web development
python web development books
web development books - databases


Putting in the effort to learn how the web works is well worth it. It will make the quality of the products you develop higher. The best books when you learn web development are the ones that suit your needs. Because there are many ways to develop web applications you have to choose how you want to do it. Web development books should be used to gain understanding of the web as well as providing you with practical challenges.

If you found this information useful someone else will as well. Don't forget to share! 

Good Luck!

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