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Best web design books

Introduction – best web design books

Web design is a nice skill to have. You can work as a a freelancer or just create beautiful looking websites. Compared to web development web design focuses more on the user experience. You have probably heard the words front-end and back-end. Web design is all about front-end. That is what the user will see and interact with.

It is impossible to create a successful application without good design. When I develop something I think that the design is the hardest part. In this post I will show you my favorite web design books. If you are more into web development you can find resources here:

Best web development books

Learning the languages

To get started with web design you will need to learn the programming languages used on the web. Luckily these languages are not that hard. If you put some effort into it you will be able to create your first web-pages after a couple of weeks. So to learn web design this is the way to go.

There are many online resources you could use. I will go trough them in another post. My favorite web design books for learning the languages is:

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

It will teach you all the tools you need to create beautiful web-pages.

Best web design books

It’s all about user experience

It is not enough to learn the languages even though it is a very important first step. You also want to learn the psychology behind design. That means learning what makes the user purchase what you are selling or enjoy using your site. Two books that really teaches you all this stuff are:

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

With these web design books you will know what to do. If you know how you want the user to interact with your site you now have the power to make that happen.

Web design books
Web design books

Proper web design techniques

In web design there are a lot of different concepts to master. Above I have only mentioned two of them, the tool-set and the psychology. There are other concepts where other web design books would be better. An example is something called responsive design. Responsive design is when you site adapts to the user screen-size. You web-pages won't be able to look the same on a cellphone as they do on a computer.

Two great books that I think helps you improve your efficiency when designing are:

Head First Design Patterns

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

You don't have an option when it comes to responsive design. Both of these books will help you with that.

web design books - patterns
responsive web design books


Learning web design is so much fun, especially when you start creating your own web-pages. It might be tempting to take the easy way and learn HTML and CSS only since JavaScript and jQuery might be a bit harder. Take your time to learn these as well. It might be boring from time to time but you can't even compare the possibilities you have if you know all of these languages compared to if you only know HTML and CSS.

If you found this information helpful someone else will as well. Don't forget to share.

Good Luck!

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