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Best java books

Introduction – Java books

Java is a very useful language. If you learn Java there will be a lot of job opportunities available for you. It is also a very powerful language and there are very few things that you can't achieve with it. Currently I am building a web application with Java.

In this post you will find the java books for different situations. Ranging from books for beginners to books with a very specific goal. Compared to C++ which also is a object oriented programming language Java is easier. If you would like to check C++ out as well you can find resources on C++ books.

Master the basics

It is very important to really understand the language that you write your programs in. I can't stress that enough. Your programs will be more efficient and easier to build upon. Mastering the basics also makes learning the more advanced topics much easier. It will save you time in the long run.

At my office I have one book that I use when I really need to go into details:

Java: The Complete Reference

It is a reference book but I think it works for beginners as well. If you learn everything in it you will be ready to take a Java certification.

java books

Beginner java books

If you are new to programming you probably want a book with more examples. The learning experience needs to be fun. You also need to learn about datatypes and other basic concepts. Luckily there are many java books that target beginners. Some of the most popular ones are:

Head First Java, 2nd Edition

Java: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

All of these java books will help you get started quickly. The one I like the most is head first, but anyone will work just fine. When you are finished you will be able to write small programs and develop your skills from there.

beginner java books
beginner java books
beginner java books

Write effective code

As a developer you come across a lot of code that could be written in a better way. Rewriting it can speed up you program and improve the user experience. Personally I think all developers should focus on writing code with high quality. It would make working as a developer much more fun.

There is one book that I think every Java developer should read. It is not for beginners so don't pick it up the first thing you do. When you have some experience and feel comfortable writing code you should read this:

Effective Java

If everyone did the world would be a better place!

best java books


The best thing about books is that the content is more detailed compared to online tutorials. It is very important when learning a programming language to really understand how it works. That is why I always recommend a good book when someone wants to learn programming.

Nevertheless there are many good online tutorials as well. If you want to find tutorials for Java you can at Java tutorials.

Good Luck!

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