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Best C programming books

Introduction – C programming books

If you ask me C is the coolest programming language. The impact C have had on computer science is massive. It has helped form the modern languages that are the most common today. Including Java and C++.

When you learn C programming it is important to understand the complexity of the language. There are concepts that can be hard to understand but that are essential if you want accomplish something.

In this post we will go trough some good c programming books that you can pick up and start learning today.

Learn it all

When you want to learn a complex programming language you should find a book that gives you a deep understanding of the core concepts. It should do this in an easy way and cover as much of the language as possible. If you know the core mastering the language will become so much easier.

Taking this into account there is one book that really stands out in the crowd:

The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

It is according to me and many others the best book for anyone who want to learn C programming.

c programming books

Want something easier?

If you are new to programming you might want to read something easier. Even tough the book above would be my first suggestion anyway I understand the need of something more beginner friendly. Luckily there are some great option to get you started. Keep in mind that you shouldn't trade details against an easier read. It is still very important to understand what's going on.

Instead the content should be presented in a way more suitable for beginners. It make the book easier to read without sacrificing good content. Here are two great c programming books that you can start with:

C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide

C Primer Plus

As you can see on the names the first one is the most beginner friendly. You want come far by just reading that one but it will be a great start.

c programming books
c programming books

Learn C programming faster

If you don't enjoy reading and just want to get going as quickly as possible you might prefer another approach. There are great tutorials all over the internet that you could use. There are also some c programming books written to help you with this. Even though I wouldn't recommend reading one of these books instead of the ones above I must say that I am impressed with the content:

C Programming Success In a Day

C Programming Professional Made Easy

If you just want to start writing code as fast as possible these are perfect for you.

c programming books
c programming books


Learning C is not the easiest thing in the world. I have said it before but I'll say it again. The most important thing is to really focus on understanding the core concepts of C. Especially things like memory allocations. You should strive to know everything about pointers and how to use them. When you do your progress will be so much faster!

Good Luck!

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